Paint Specifications & Bespoke Colours

A good paint finish is vital to the performance and longevity of a Cast iron rainwater and soil drainage system. Primers and finished coatings protect the underlying substrate by providing a barrier between the cast iron and corroding elements. Cast Iron UK offer the following finishes, all of which are carried out by paint specialists in a controlled paint plant environment.

Primed (Transit Coat)

The two main functions of a primer are to provide short term protection and provide a surface to which a subsequent top coat or finish coat can adhere to. The primer paints used are RAL 7024 dark grey in colour and have been specially formulated to create a barrier to corrosion. The primer can be over coated with epoxy, polyurethane or acrylic paints.

Primed products are coated internally and externally. This primer is a transit coat to provide short term protection during delivery and storage undercover.

Black Painted

Black painted products supplied have an exterior coating, high solids and a black gloss paint finish. High solids and a gloss finish ensure a greater durability over lower solids and matt/satin finishes. The paint application is carried out in a controlled environment located on site. All black painted products arrive individually bagged for maximum protection and are ready for immediate installation. We also offer and recommend purchasing touch up paint (XP0007 – 250ml tin) with all painted orders, this can be applied to installation scuffs, scratches or cut ends. This paint specification finish meets a C3 corrosion category environment.

RAL or BS (British Standard) Colours

This bespoke painting service is available to all Rainwater products (gutters, pipes and hoppers) and the Traditional Express (TX) soil systems. Cast Iron UK Ltd, are able to offer products in any RAL or BS colour, this is a finished top coat (full gloss) and is supplied ready for installation. All RAL or BS painted orders will also be supplied with a matching touch up paint. All bespoke painted products will arrive individually bagged for maximum protection. This paint specification finish meets a C3 corrosion category environment.

We also offer a colour match service. Colour identification can be taken from an existing casting or paint swatch.

Coastal & Marine Specification

Coastal paint specification can be offered on all rainwater products and the traditional express (TX) soil system. Black painted or RAL and BS colours are also available to this specification.

Coastal and Marine environments are difficult to define, however for guidance they are estimated to be areas within 5km (approximately 3 miles) of the coast. Areas falling within a coastal or marine environment are classified as a C4 corrosion category.

The durability of a paint systems is not an exact science, neither is the predictability of atmospheric conditions to which a product will be exposed to. For this reason, we are unable to be very specific regarding the number of years the paint will last. To combat this aggressive environment, the overall coating thickness on the Coastal products is much greater. This increased coating thickness forms a longer-lasting barrier between the environment and the substrate thus delaying the onset of corrosion.

Please note all RAL/BS colours, Coastal Specification and bespoke paint orders and non-returnable.

For further details, pricing, availability and technical data, please contact the Cast Iron UK sales team.