Bespoke Cast Iron Pavement Lights

In the Victorian era, cast iron became prevalent in the urban environment and in recent years it is experiencing a resurgence. Pavement Lights are a feature of the streets in many towns and cities, the Victorian heyday of cast iron are now nearing the end of their useable lives.

Hargreaves Foundry has been developing pavement lights suitable for use in pedestrian areas. Pavement Lights are a key architectural feature of a building, new or old, allowing natural light into what could otherwise be a dark, uninviting space.

All Cast Iron Pavement Lights supplied are tested and certified to the specified working load. Pavement lights are designed to support ordinary pedestrian traffic and occasional, accidental vehicular traffic. As standard, pavement lights will be supplied black painted and ready for immediate installation.

Manufactured in grey iron to BS EN-GJL-250, and confirm this by testing & verifying routine material samples at an independent laboratory. Each pavement Light casting is marked with a unique reference number, which can be used to identify the date of manufacture.

Pavement Lights are supplied with a 2-pack primer over the shot blasted substrate, followed by a 2-pack epoxy top coat finish. Pavement Lights are supplied in a black finish as standard, RAL and British standard colours are also available. 

For further details and information please contact the Cast Iron UK sales team.