Bespoke Cast Iron Rainwater Pipes

Round              Rectangular      Square             Octagonal         Semi circular

Cast Iron UK Ltd have the ability to replicate any existing cast iron ornate pipe already in existence, including barley twist, weave and lattes designs, individual tailored designs. We can also assist with the design work and offer a 2D/3D proposal prior to manufacture.

Bespoke and ornate rainwater pipes can be manufactured to any profile or sizes. A traditional rainwater pipe is generally 6ft (1829mm) in length with a socket and spigot setup. The socket commonly found at the top of the pipe is the larger section, often referred to as the female end.  The spigot (opposite to the socket end) is the bottom section, this is generally the same size as the body of the pipe. The socket should be manufactured to have clearance to accept the spigot of the next pipe section, hence the terminology “Socket and Spigot Setup”.


Eared               Plain                 Holdersbats                   Earbands          Pipe Brackets

Rainwater or drain pipes can often be referred to as “Eared” or “Plain” pipes. Eared pipes have integrated fixing points on the socket, these can also be known as “Ears” or “fixing lugs”. Generally, you will have two fixing points per section of pipe, one each side of the socket. The ears or lugs can either be in line (180 degrees to each other) for flat back fixing or at (90 degrees) for corner fixing. Plain pipes (Non Eared) depend on some kind of fixing bracket, pipe bracket, ornate earband or holderbat. These types of brackets are quite commonly used with bespoke pipes.


Products can be supplied Primed, Black Painted or in any RAL/BS Colour (Price on application)